Fully Automated UAV / Drone Audits

Do you want to know that your airspace is secure from aerial threats, or simply want to build data points to help explore which anti-drone solution to install?

With over 50 years of experience in Information Technology and Security Diginet have a solution that can help you identify what are real threats to your infrastructure and what might just be hobbyists flying a little too close.

With a full deployment of an anti-drone system costing typically £50k to £500k, you can also use our audits to fully understand what you need to invest in and how much you need to invest to fully protect your airspace from Drones (UAV/UAS) saving you money from the beginning.

What we do

• First we will come to site and discuss your needs and what you wish to achieve from an anti-drone (UAV) audit. You can choose to audit one or multiple sites for as long or short as required.
• Installation, this is quick and easy, with one of our highly skilled Dedrone approved engineers bringing our fully automated standalone audit equipment and perform the installation, no special equipment is needed from you just a source of power.
• Once installed we will be monitoring your airspace 24/7 for the agreed timescale and we can issue you a fully comprehensive report (examples can be provided) either weekly or monthly.

The report will clearly show:
• The number of Drone (UAV) incursions you have had, times drones entered your airspace and time left.
• How many drones repeatedly visited your site.
• Make and model of Drones.

To book a free consultation or just to discuss the possible threats from Drones to you, pick up the phone and call

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An example system generated report displaying the total number of drone intrusions detected in detail (sample data only).
Download sample report here -> Report Download

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Diginet & Dedrone

Secure your airspace now with Diginet & Dedrone, with the worlds leading drone security platform against malicious drone activities.

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Diginet & Dedrone

Secure Your Airspace Now

Every enterprise and individual protected by a ground fence now requires an aerial equivalent.
Dedrone provides an automatic, integrated, and self-contained platform that delivers drone classification and countermeasures to secure against drone threats and their operators 24/7. DroneTracker is the only modular system on the market that can be customized to address site-specific threats, adapted for easy integration to an existing security program, and accommodates unique building structures, landscapes, and other exterior conditions.

Dedrone's DroneTracker platform provides a complete airspace monitoring and management solution through a convenient browser-based interface.
DroneTracker is a sophisticated software-based drone classification and counter-drone platform for all kinds of applications. Learn more about its unique capabilities and features.

  • Airspace Surveillance 24/7
  • Automated Alarm & Notification
  • Forensic Evidence
  • Simple Configuration
  • Cloud Service
  • Future-Proofed
  • Scalable & customizable
  • Multi-Sensor Analysis
  • Automated Push To 3rd Party API's
  • Technical Support
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